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The Lady in Black & Pink: Michael Lyon's Lackeys

thoughts & comment — 21 Aug 2010

Mohan Singh AKA Michael LyonsI WROTE ABOUT MICHAEL LYONS in last month's "thoughts" section, the guru who went under the name Mohan Singh was was convicted of multiple rape (some say that his worldwide victims may number more than a hundred, although he was convicted for just two of his many alleged sexual abuses).

I had met this man a number of times at Mind Body Spirit shows in the later 90s and actually liked his personality, which was always bright and cheerful. Although I have to say that we all found it rather strange how he would have so many young female followers. He seemed quite the lady's man and used to pursue one of my female friends.

Yesterday, I found by chance this video on YouTube which was apparently taken of him getting into the car on his way to the final trial verdict, for which he would be given a ten-year prison sentence.

[Since removed - no doubt by legal threat from Lyon's lackeys, despite the video being shot in a public street.]

I found it interesting that in this clip Lyons, who was about to be convicted of serial rape, is being protected and driven by a woman. Judge Nicolas Browne, QC, criticized Lyons' followers (nearly all female) for their "blind loyalty" and went on to say that they knew perfectly well "what was likely to happen to both victims before their sexual abuse." The Judge then stated to Lyons on sentencing that, "Women's groups everywhere will be shocked and appalled in the complicity in these two crimes of women close to you. It was complete betrayal of women to woman."

This same "blind loyalty" is probably behind the way the woman in the above video clip is lashing out at the photographer. She has probably witnessed the whole trial and seen the evidence with her own eyes, but is sticking by Lyons because… well… he is her guru, and with gurus nothing is as it seems. Rape is probably regarded as Tantric initiation, a loosening up of the ego. As Michael Lyons told one of his victims, Skye Enyeart, as he was raping her, after drugging her, that she had to be crucified to find enlightenment. [source]

So here is the lady in black and pink in the above clip. [Obviously I don't know anything about this woman and will only be writing about her hypothetically to illustrate some important points. All I know about her is that she is defending a serial rapist just before his conviction and sentencing.]

[Image of woman in black and pink trying to snatch a camera away. This image, consisting of snapshots from the video above, has since been removed due to legal threat - see below.]

My guess is that this woman is probably open-hearted and very spiritual, and may even consider herself already enlightened; she is probably vegetarian, meditates every day, and is a predominantly peaceful and loving woman; she has broken no laws, and she is just following his orders (you can hear him giving them in the clip) and defending the man she loves. What loyalty and dedication! How can anyone fault her for that?

And yet, some part of her must have known what Lyons has been doing all these years if she has been a long-term trusted follower (which she probably is as she is his driver and PA, and is by his side at his darkest hour — only the most loyal and long-standing disciples would be chosen for that role by a guru and would stick by their master during a rape trial).

So how would a woman like this cope with any awareness she might have of his sexual abuses? Presuming she is a good person, so if she is aware of any of his activities over the last decade, she most likely genuinely believes that Lyons was energetically freeing up his rape victims (though she obviously wouldn't call them that), preparing them for some sort of kundalini rise and awakening. Lyons would have brainwashed her into seeing rape from a non-rape perspective (although she would have had some complicity in this brainwashing too), just as he convinced the friend of one of the women he raped that the victim was exaggerating and that she was an "evil vampire". (This "friend" probably had a psychological propensity to turn against the victim because the "friend" had been the one to introduce the victim to Lyons in the first place, and so Lyon's lies would have assuaged her guilt.)

Detective Sergeant Nick Giles from the Metropolitan Police said about Lyons: "His victims tend to be highly intelligent with an interest in spirituality, but at a point in their life where they are searching for answers."

And that is the key: when we want something that deeply (and most on the spiritual path do have a yeaning that is difficult to define) it is easy for a guru (conman or woman) to come along and hijack that yearning for their own predatory ends. This open and questioning state of being, when we are not being destracted by answers, is the spiritual state, but we are so used to answers, to damping down the fire, that we forget that this open state of being is destroyed by thinking we have the answer.

So the role of any spiritual teacher is to tell those with this spiritual "open-and-questioning" state of yearning that what blocks them from spiritual realization is that they are trying to "do something" with this state of being, they are trying to find answers because "not-knowing" is too powerful for them. The only real answer is to stop looking for answers and fully accept the "open-and-questioning" state of being. That leads to the "peace that passes all understanding". That is the only legitimate role for an authentic spiritual teacher. Everything else — concepts, philosophy, dogma, meditation techniques, dress style, diets, mantras — is all just a red herring that leads us away from the golden presence of "openness without answers".

Going back to Michael Lyons' driver above, the woman in black and pink, I don't believe that her blind loyalty is exceptional. It is all to easy to try to vilify her and call her brainwashed, but the truth is that 99% of us are brainwashed in many different ways and from any different perspectives.

For example, Imagine a romantic meal for two in a high-class restarant. Soft piano music is playing in the background as our handsome lovers, eating their juicy steaks and salad stare longingly into each other's eyes, feeling the buzz of the physical intimacy shortly to follow. A beautiful scene… from that perspective. But there are another perspectives: central to this meal are the steaks which are in fact slices of a dead cow which died such a horrific and agnoizing death that her body pieces are still filled with the fear hormones she generated from her abitoir experience (just as our bodies would be had we gone through her nightmare). Perhaps she was even slaughtered according to barbaric and primative religious practices such as Halal and Kosher. That is a reality too, a part of the complex whole. And there is another probably seen by the low-wage waiters and kitchen helpers who watch their guests pay more for a single meal than they make in an entire week.

So we have different perspectives, all of which could potentially be seen by any guest at that restaurant with open awareness. But when we go to a restaurant like that, we are paying for a fantasy as well as a meal, so that almost nobody thinks about less-than-desirable perspectives.

Take another example: most of us love our country. We wave flags and support anyone of our nationality at international sporting events. In fact, as a society we are even prepared to sacrifice our sons and daughters in the armed forces to fight for the country we love so much. What blind loyalty! — especially when we see, from a historical perspective, that our governments and rulers have consistently hijacked this patriotism for their own political ends, using human beings as cannon-fodder as they play out their international political games. If people knew what governments really are up to, patriotism would become a tradition of the past, a tradition that belongs only to primative and tribal people.

So Michael Lyons grommed young women for sex just as our government groom young men and women for war, and groom society as a whole to financially support those wars. Unless we are conscious, we are all, by default, groommed from something or other.

In a way, we are all like the lady in the black and pink outfit, defending the indefensible because we refuse to let go of our fantasy, a fantasy that bestows "specialness" on those hold it. The lady in black and pink feels special because she defends this "holy" man. The lovers in the restaurant feel special because they are the only man or woman in the world for each other in that moment. And the football hooligan feels special because, well, he is from the best country in the world.

We believe in fantasies because they support our ego, and we come to a point whereby we cannot let go of the fantasy because we now have too much invested in it. If the lady in black and pink were to admit that Lyons is a rapist, she would also have to admit that she has wasted perhaps years of her life following him and giving him donations, she may have to admit that she herself was abused by him, and, worse of all, she would have to admit that she may not be as spiritual as he has persuaded her she is following and supporting him for so many years.

We all have a lot invested in fantasy because fantasy supports our ego; it supports the lie of who and what we think we are. And this is how we become trapped in doing ridiculous things like… defending rapists and giving ourselves heart and soul to abusive spiritual teachers.


Update April 2012: Received the following legal letter from a London lawyer representing the woman in the above Youtube Video (since removed). As a consequence of this letter, the screenshot of the woman from the video was removed.