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An Interview with an English ET

Aug 2006
Give up our humanity?! That is the recommendation of a man living here in the UK who claims that he is an extraterrestrial.

MICHAEL EMAILED ME out of the blue in July this year, introducing himself as an ET living in Brighton. He had contacted me because he liked the concept of Energygrid's Alien Club. As an editor of an alternative magazine, I do get my fair share of "unusual" people contacting me, but after a couple of email exchanges I felt that Michael, at least that is the name he gave me, didn't seem crazy, although I had no way of checking the veracity of what he was claiming. When he said that he was coming up to London for work reasons, I asked him if he would like to do a face to face interview to which, surprisingly, he agreed.

We met in the Starbucks café (the irony did not escape me) beside London Bridge train station. Michael was a slim, good-looking man about 6ft 2in in height, probably around 30 years old, with short blond hair and piecing blue eyes. He was dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a black denim jacket, and unless you looked him in the eye, you would not really notice him in a crowd. He spoke softly and clearly with a neutral English accent, but sometimes used unusual inflections giving the impression that English was not his native language.

The interview itself ended up being much shorter than I thought it was going to be, so I did not have a chance to ask him many of the questions that I had listed in preparation. However, I hope that I will have a chance, at some point in the future, to do a follow-up interview.

[This interview has not been embellished or changed in any way apart from minor adjustments of spoken English into written English, with interjections and fillers removed.]

*          *          *

AP: Thanks Michael for agreeing to meet me here for an interview. Have you done anything like this before?

Michael: Never. Normally I would run a mile from any sort of media attention, even alternative media attention. Who or what I am has always been intensely private for me and I have always kept my identity undercover... even from my family and most friends. But now the time is right for me to share some of my information, although I still wish to remain anonymous.

AP: Why now? What has changed?

Michael: I think that the general public is finally open-minded enough to not dismiss what I say out of hand. And anyway, this planet is about to transform quite radically, and unless humanity starts to understand some of what I will talk to you about today, then that transformation is going to be traumatic.

AP: I must say, you don't look like an ET. To me you look 100% a human being.

Michael: Of course, this body is human. But I am much more than this body. If you can look past it, you will be able to see something else, something quite alien. Am I crazy? Compared to your definitions of sanity, I undoubtedly am. But what makes a person crazy is not only their behaviour but the fact that they are not aware of the craziness of that behaviour. I know I have beliefs and knowings that most humans on your planet would label as crazy, but I hold them in full awareness of their unusual nature. I am not deluding myself in that way.

AP: How old are you… where were you born?

Michael: As I do not identify with this body, my age is immaterial to me and I tend not to disclose it. This obsession with age and stages of development is a very human thing. As for where I was physically born, it was here in the UK. But my mother experienced some unusual visions whilst she was in labour which she believes was a result of the pain-killers she was given. The visions involved voices telling her that she would be okay and bright white light washing through her body. She also says she saw me descending into her womb a short while before I emerged. My parents lived in Shoreham-by-Sea where I grew up.

AP: Have you always know you were an ET?

Michael: Somewhat yes. I remember as a child being obsessed with UFOs and aliens, and always feeling somewhat an outsider. But not an aloof outsider... most certainly an emotionally engaged one. That sense of alienation... pardon the pun... has only got stronger as I have got older. And it is not as if I find it difficult to interact with people – it is relatively easy  for me but I refrain from reaching out too much because close association with human beings can feel uncomfortable.

AP: In what way?

Michael: The density. I find most humans feel very heavy... very dense. I get tired around humans because of the energetic circuits through which they tend to operate. And their belief systems regarding what is important and what is possible can be claustrophobically restrictive. Most humans carry infectious limiting belief systems and disharmonious energies.

AP: Energetic circuits?

Michael: Yes, energetic circuits link into what you call the chakra system. Most people operate out of fear, survival and self-gratification, usually disguised under a veneer of niceness and politeness. They are little more than intelligent apes with personalities. But here and there there are humans that have developed greater consciousness, moved into a more "evolved" energetic circuit. You have to remember that the humans have evolved to a point, like a universal Turing machine, whereby they can become anything they want. They no longer have to be human because they potentially now have universal energy circuits available to them. But they do not use them because they do not know they are there. They are unaware of the possibilities open to them.

AP: Are you saying that we all can choose to be non-human? Is this what you did?

Michael: Yes and no. Yes, you can choose to be non-human, by the current definition of the word, if you want to be. You can step past the limitations that you think define your species and what is and is not possible for a bio life-form to do. You can literally become something else entirely. Did I do this? I don't think so as I felt different right from the word go in this lifetime. Right from the start. I didn't one day sit down and decide that I no longer wanted to be human, and I didn't slowly evolve to being an alien. But this is also possible. I know others who have done this. Some are called "walk-ins" and I have heard the term "braid-ins". If you change your energetic circuits you can literally evolve into a new species, within a single lifetime.

AP: What do your family think of you? Does your mother know she gave birth to an alien?

Michael: [Laughing] Does my mother know she gave birth to an alien? Probably not. Well, no, definitely not. This sounds like something out of a horror movie! My mother most certainly seems human, although she does have an interest in television programs or newspaper articles that deal with aliens. But it is largely unconscious with her.

AP: You seem erudite. Do you go to university?

Michael: Yes, but I hated my days at school and in higher education. For me, education was a process of dumbing down, of shutting down possibility so that by the time you leave you have become a useful tool for society – a cog in the machine. Fortunately, I never let that happen. I couldn't. I knew too much and I knew what they were teaching me was irrelevant at best. I didn't believe a lot of it was bullshit, I knew it was. I knew from my heart. 

AP: And where has that knowing led you in life?

Michael: Lay low, interact minimally and don't blow your cover. That is the advice I used to give myself. Of course, what I was instinctively doing only became clear to me in retrospect. I have had a torturous life try to be something that I am not – human. When I was younger I went to nightclubs and raves, went to parties and, like all people my age, always looked at getting laid like any young man. But it only lasted a short while because I always felt I was faking things. You know that adage – fake it until you make it? Well if "it" is not you then no amount of faking will make it for you. In fact, the more you try to fake it the more uncomfortable you feel. In the end, I felt so uncomfortable with life and myself that I started to get panic attacks if I was in an enclosed space with human beings. Paradoxically, that only cleared up when I fully accepted that I was different. When we accept our true identity an enormous power of being comes and confidence comes to us. I know that issues of identity, especially those involving being an alien, will sound trite to many of your readers. But that is because they do not understand the power of identity in aligning and balancing our life-force and body bio-circuits.

AP: Did you have personal relationships with human beings?

Michael: Yes, I did. I am very attracted to human women but now tend to stay clear as I know that my psychology is so different that it is better to resist that temptation. It is duplicitous to present yourself as human, and if you present yourself as you are... well you are just a nut. Relationships for me always end unhappily because I can feel the woman's expectations so strongly — expectations that are entirely normal — but know that I am unable to fulfil them. If I did go out with a human woman, it would have to be someone very open-minded who has consciously risen above social programming to define herself. Other than that, I am holding out for a starbeing like me. I have found that most of those people who think they are open-minded, when it comes down to the passions of relationship, are anything but... the whole thing goes out the window and suddenly you see all that social programming. Yes, definitely, I think I will hold out for an alien or not be with anyone at all.

AP: I presume you work to make money. What sort of work do you do?

Michael: At the moment I am working as a computer consultant. Technology is easy for me, although I do not dwell on it for my own interest's sake. Rather, it is a means to an end. Making money has always been easy for me although I am not materialistic in any way.

AP: So tell me, what is your message to humanity. What is it that you have contacted me for?

Michael: The most limiting thing that holds humanity back, at the moment, is the belief in the limitations and specifications of what it is to be human. It is an ontological issue. What we think we are determines what we are able to achieve. My message is that it is time to break out of your identification with a particular species and become more of a universal being. This may sound ridiculous but only when you have broken free of your identification with humanness will you be in a position to act to save your planet from ecological destruction. You think that humanity is being controlled by a small cabal of industrial leaders, but what is actually controlling society is the belief in the limitations of humanity. And this is the paradox. You have the eco-warriors going around trying to get everyone back to pre-industrial self-sufficiency, something that will never work with the number of people on this planet today, and part of their push is to re-enforce humanity. They think that the problem in the world is a lack of humanity. It is not. The problem is that you have all outgrown your definitions of humanity and it is time to redefine yourselves as another species, or get rid of the species concept altogether. As I said earlier, you are all at the stage where you have the energetic structure in place of a universal being or Turing machine whereby you literally can become energetically anything you want to become. And this is now the next step in evolution. To move into a new self-definition, a definition that will change your collective behaviour. Much of the evil today in your society is actually the result of the pressure of keeping an out-dated self-referencing definition. And this definition of humanity is being driven by your mass media propaganda campaigns that keep you specifically defined and dumbed down.

AP: So we need to all become aliens in order to change?

Michael: In a way, yes. Alien to what is human, for what is human is no longer appropriate.

AP: The word "humanity" is seen as a positive quality here. We see most of the world's problems as a lack of humanity. And here, you are saying that it is because of our identification with "humanity".

Michael: I know, it seems topsy-turvy to say, "Get rid of your humanity and you will not only be more kind and harmonious, but have a chance to save your planet." But it is true. Your humanity is the very thing that holds you back from expressing your universal presence, a presence that is far more loving than that usually inferred by the word "humanity".

AP: So you are saying that if we all become aliens our problems will just melt away?

Michael: Becoming alien is unimportant. What I am saying is that we need to step outside the confines of the limitations of humanity. And that is very profound indeed for each individual. If you understood how profound it is to change your self definition like that, then you would understand how it would have an enormous impact on the world. Humanity has come of age, and yet still sees itself as an infant, and still has a propaganda system — your mass media — that reinforces this dangerous misconception. As long as you feel powerless, you will self-destruct. That power that you have within you will turn in on yourselves as it is not consciously acknowledged, but left to fester in the unconscious. 

AP: If what you say is true, then we have no hope because so few would even consider what you are saying. It is just insane from a human's point of view.

Michael: You would be surprised at how much more open people are to these sorts of new ideas. Things are changing, and very rapidly. And anyway, it only takes a small critical mass of individuals willing to discard their humanity for something much greater for the idea to take hold in the public's imagination. You do not realize it but people are aching for a new definition of themselves. They are tired of being this thing called human. And even though they may not know this consciously, given them a glimpse of a solution and they will take it, not because it makes sense to the intellect, but because it feels so good. It feels right.

AP: When do you think this species change will happen?

Michael: Soon, very soon. And if it doesn't because your mass media is able to hold your self-definition static, then you will self-destruct. Pure and simple… I must go now because I have said what I came here to say. But I want you to stress to your readers how important it is for them not to judge my words on their logical sense — it will make no sense to the intellect — but they must feel whether what I am saying is true for them.

[With that, Michael quietly excused himself, stood up and left. My interview was abruptly over.]

*          *          *

I felt Michael made some interesting points but needed time to digest what he had said. I was slightly hesitant publishing it online as I was unsure whether I wanted this magazine used as a platform for the message that we need to lose our humanity — so much of what we publish is about finding our humanity! However, readers can make of Michael's message what they will.

Personally, I believe Michael is sincere and he certainly comes across sane and rational in his demeanour, but I retain a healthy skepticism regarding whether he is actually an ET, and certainly won't be featuring this interview on the front page!